Getting started in NFA with a Trust

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Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • Target Audience
  • Desired Outcome

  • Stuff you should know about the NFA already

  • Trust Example

  • Trust related FAQ
  • References
    1. Marking Requirements.
    2. Transfer from person to person. Section
    3. TODO: add URL for Measuring OAL
    4. TODO: add URL specifying two copies of form 1 and 4
    5. TODO: add URL for Form 1 & 4, two-sided requirements
    6. TODO: add URL for moving a trust state to state
    7. TODO: add URL for the NFA FAQ saying that the BATFE wont approve a form that would be illegal
    8. TODO: add URL´s
    9. TODO: add URL´s
    10. TODO: add URL´s
    11. TODO: add URL´s
    12. TODO: add URL´s
    13. TODO: add URL´s
    14. TODO: add URL´s
    15. TODO: add URL´s
    16. TODO: add URL´s
    17. TODO: add URL´s
    18. TODO: add URL´s
    19. TODO: add URL´s
    20. TODO: add URL´s

  • External Links
    1. BATFEs list of gun laws by state
    2. National Rifle Associations list of State Firearms Laws
    3. Wikipedias list of gun laws by state

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